Setting up TagUI on Windows

Video Tutorial

You can watch the video tutorial here: Youtube: Setting up TagUI on Windows and follow the instructions below.

Set Up TagUI on Windows

  1. Download the zip file from here:
  2. Click the Windows version "unzip and run"
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file to a folder on your windows machine.
  4. Make sure you choose a folder in which the entire path name has no spaces.
  5. Don't pick C:\Program Files\tagui - because "Program Files" has space in it.
    Pick something like C:\apps\tagui

  6. Assuming you have unzipped the file to C:\apps\tagui.
    The main program for TagUI is located in C:\apps\tagui\src

How To Use

  1. Open a command window and cd to the folder where you keep your TagUI script.
  2. Tip: The fastest way is to locate your folder in the windows explorer, then press the key and right mouse-click on your folder. Then select "Open command window here".
  3. Assuming your TagUI is located in the folder: C:\apps\tagui
    and your TagUI script is called script123.
    Run your script from the command window as follows:
  4. C:\apps\tagui\src\tagui script123 chrome

  5. If you have added C:\apps\tagui\src to your environment path, then you can simply run your script as follows:
  6. tagui script123 chrome

Other Platforms

Besides Windows, TagUI can also run on other platforms, including macOS and Linux.

For other platforms, please refer to:

hello world, TagUI!

If this is the first time you learn about TagUI, would strongly encourage you to read the article: hello world, TagUI!

Visual Automation

TagUI has built-in integration with Sikuli (based on OpenCV) to allow identification of web elements and desktop user interface elements for interaction.

However, Sikuli is excluded from TagUI packaged installation due to complex dependencies that are handled by its installer. You need to do some setup first before this feature is available.

To install Sikuli, please follow the instructions here: Setting up Sikuli to work with TagUI on Windows

Where to go from here?

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